PVC partitions:

Their versions are made in choice complexions with 5mm thick MDF core panel with vinyl lamination on both sides for indoor, and with 6 mm thick PVC panels for outdoor provisions. These vinyl stuffs are fire-seasoned, easy to clean and paint, accepting artworks and pictures.

Walls erection:

The fixing technique involves no cutting, sawing or sizing; and hence there’s no question of leaving behind wastages or any need to spend money or time for their clearing. They need no painting in the initial stages, and that also saves you a big expenditure.

Applying pictures and designs:

To make the temporary walls attractive without making you feel them as hindrance, applying pictures and artworks is a great way. Donning them with graffitis is also another technique to take multi-advantage from the walls. For bringing conformity between works and walls, you can discuss with the company men for suggestions based on their experience.

Ordering method:

Call the company for spot visit and discussion and ideas. And get a quote; if satisfied with price and history, you can order giving out the dimensions, artworks and designs agreed upon, with provision for periodical consultations.


Temporary walls are ideal for places where partitions are required for a limited purpose and period, and where permanent partitions would mar the look of the buildings. Once the purpose is over, the hall or the location could be easily restored to their original size and form. This gives you a great deal of savings.

While attaching poster holders, light boxes, and shelves on walls would give you more facilities, putting on advertisements would be a source of additional income for you. They have reconfiguration facilities for easy fitting into halls of any dimension, and their doors make movements easy.